FPT Hz The program FPT Student

    "FPTU - Hz" - the television program with dialogue taking place every 2 weeks has officially started. On the morning of January 13, the first broadcast number was recorded.

     This is a program that all staff are all students of the English language major of FPT University Ho Chi Minh implemented.

    "With FPTU-Hz, you not only have the opportunity to live with English, the language that you are studying, but also get updated information about student life, future orientation, play. and receive gifts. Students will learn through what you do "- shared lecturer Phan Thuy Thien Huong - who directly instructed the students in FPTU - Hz implementation.

    Television dialogue program FPTU - Hz will be broadcast in Australia 7 - 7:30 every Friday night. Let's watch this program together to support all students of FPT University Ho Chi Minh.

    Source: FPT University HCM

    Thảo Hạnh

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