Experienced training for success at an international 5 star resort

    With the motto "Successful experience", on January 26, 2021, students of FPT University's Hotel Administration in Da Nang had an exciting day of practical experience at Furama Resort.


    To have an exciting, practical and responsive day of practical experience, the lecturers of Hospitality industry in collaboration with the Corporate Relations Department, the Training Board and the IBH Academy under Furama Resort have built Program content ensures the training program of the Spring 2021 semester and is close to the training standards of serving wine according to resort standards.

    Here, the students of FPT University Da Nang under the guidance of HR and Training managers visited and introduced about Furama Resort, rooms and departments at the resort. Thereby helping students understand the organizational chart, coordination and operation between the parts of a resort, ensuring the quality of serving guests in the highend resort field.
    After the lunch break, students will begin to undergo 4 hours of serious and equally exciting training in the wine service profession. Mr. Edwin van Egmond Culinary Manager with more than 20 years of experience is also an expert in the wine field, gave an overview introduction to alcohol. The whole program is 100% trained in English to help students adapt and improve their foreign language skills as well as specialized vocabulary to be more professional in the hospitality industry.
    In addition to this program, the students of FPT University Da Nang were instructed and practiced how to open and serve wine professionally, proficiently and in accordance with the correct process. Students take turns to practice, group members and other groups evaluate each other's plus and minus points to remember and do better.

    Not only stopping at the practice of opening and serving wine, students also learn about each type of wine to serve in u, Italian, Asian menu or with Vietnamese dishes like beef noodle soup should use Pinot Noir, Beaujolais or "Banh xeo" can be used with Riesling ...
    After the training and practice session, the teamwork group with good teamwork and the highest score received the resort's gifts. At the same time, students are certified to complete the training as a recognition for their hard work, inquisitive and serious work in the hospitality industry.

    End a long but very short day with the enthusiasm and excitement of successful experiences of students majoring in Hotel Management at FPT University Da Nang. FPT University Da Nang will continue to organize many other useful and quality activities to give students "successful experiences" a solid journey of global citizens entering a confident and confident society success.
    Thao Hanh (Source: FPT University DaNang)

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