Experience your first digital F-Talks with "Bring us to Japan"

    F Talks - Ideas worth spreading is a platform for people who want to share innovative ideas, insights, positive stories, impact change, still sore issues. .. from every profession, every field in society.

    Bring us to Japan was chosen as the topic of the first number at F-Talk. Japanese language will be the main language at this event, for Japanese language students and students. Japanese language studying at FPT Campus Hoa Lac.

    F-Talk's registered speakers can talk about any topic they care about, from life stories to changes in their own perception and lifestyle, innovations and discoveries. innovations in the fields of Education, Health, Transport, Technology ...

    Joining F Talks, you will receive:
    - Certificate of F Talks.
    - A meaningful gift from the Organizing Committee.
    - Student activity scores.

    The organizers will select the 20 most impressive speeches.
    Duration of each talk: 3-5 minutes.
    + Language used: Japanese.
    + Deadline for delivering speeches: March 14, 2021.
    + Publication of the list of speakers and speeches: March 15, 2021.

    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Hanoi)

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