Equipped with 2 foreign languages, FPT students are confident in the global step

    Foreign language is an indispensable part of FPT University students, often appearing in learning, activities, and academic playground.

    During the 4 years of studying at FPT University, students can learn English and one foreign language in parallel (Chinese / Japanese) to prepare students for the ability to work in an international environment. Let's take a look at some of the strong points in foreign language training at FPT University!

    1 / Import training programs and textbooks

    In addition to the strength in the activities of experience and developing soft skills, all training courses at FPT University are imported, the program is built according to international standards with modern and updated textbooks. original import from abroad.
    With a fluent English proficiency plus a basic level of foreign language, these are competitive advantages for FPT University students.
    English is used throughout study, work and life. At FPT University, students are trained to achieve a minimum English proficiency of 6.0 IELTS or equivalent before entering specialized semesters with international textbooks.

    During their study at the school, in addition to Advanced English, students will learn an optional foreign language, Chinese (for Economics major) or Japanese (for Engineering).

    2 / Little UK advanced model - miniature UK

    A very special highlight at FPT University is the Little UK model - miniature UK. The British space in the heart of the Vietnamese University makes a special impression on those who first arrive.

    With bold European architecture, unique and creative space, Little UK has brought many unexpected experiences to students.
    Little UK activities are held in an open space with full facilities such as a community room, cinema room, cafe area ... with creative classes, design or shirt printing, 3D printing, connect friends, practice English with TED team members.

    Especially, Little UK has the only rule that you have to follow is that you must use 100% English in this place. FPT University students will learn in an environment entirely in English with levels suitable to each student's ability through entrance exams.

    3 / Diversity of foreign language competitions

    The academic playground for foreign languages has always been focused and promoted at FPT University. Every year, the school regularly organizes large and small competitions, such as FPT Edu NihongoEng with tables in English and Japanese with prize value up to hundreds of million dong.

    In addition, to help students achieve good results in foreign language training, the school regularly has talk show activities, meeting speakers, experts, models of foreign language clubs ...

    If you graduate from FPT University, you have nothing to worry about about a job with your language skills and the knowledge and skills that are trained. Graduates will be fluent in two foreign languages, have solid specialized knowledge, study in Vietnam and abroad, experience international culture regularly, and be ready to move globally with Passport / Visa and luggage. meeting the human resource needs of revolution 4.0.

    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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