Duc Giang down Tuan Phi was full of suspense at Super Intelligence season 2

    The two boys, both students from FPT University, had a perfect match in the final round of Super Intelligence Season 2. With a somewhat risky strategy, Duc Giang from FPT University Hanoi won the competition. decisive match.

    Before the test of the Maze of Propellers of Tuan Phi and Duc Giang at the final round of Vietnam Super Intellectuals season 2, judge Duong Anh Vu shared: “In this competition, which player has short-term memory (short-term memory In terms of abstract pictures well, that player has the upper hand. Tuan Phi is a person with better short-term memory, Tuan Phi's ability to remember abstract pictures very well ”.

    In this challenge, there are 100 spread fan blades on display with 100 folding fans corresponding to motifs inspired by embroidery works. The pictures are randomly divided into many pieces by the technical team, each piece is printed on a fan. The two players have 60 minutes to observe the 100 blades flaring. After that, the judges went to the designated area and selected three folding fans optionally. The two players observed the information on the fan folds and quickly identified the corresponding fan flare and based on the information on the newly found fan, they had to continue to identify the remaining fans to form 3 pictures. original.

    More surprising when Duc Giang asked to refuse the right to memorize in the first 60 minutes and only use his spatial thinking to increase the difficulty of the challenge. Immediately, Tuan Phi also asked to use this refusal right because he wanted to use spatial thinking to compete fairly with Duc Giang.

    Entering the match, the two players chose completely different directions. While Duc Giang chose a broad view when observing, Tuan Phi still slowly went to each place to observe carefully. Finally, Duc Giang quickly completed the challenge in 10 minutes 47 seconds. Tuan Phi also calmly completed the challenge in 16 minutes 29 seconds.

    When checking the answers, Duc Giang and Tuan Phi were almost correct until the last fan. Song Tuan Phi was mistaken because the images of the two fans were so similar, Duc Giang, thanks to his deductive thinking, found the correct fan and won.

    Once again, Duc Giang - K12 student from FPT University Hanoi won a convincing victory and made a strong mark in the Super Intelligence arena. Congratulations to Duc Giang on this amazing performance!

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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