Discover the awesome profiles of the Top 9 inspiring students in 2020

    Identify Top 9 inspiring students in 2020

    Students have many marks at competitions
    Motto: “Students need - Contest yes. Difficult competition - There are students "
    Identifying characteristics: Mature, experienced, talented
    Description: This is ‘old projector’ because it has gone through many competitions, from grassroots level to national level and then spread out internationally. In my student days, instead of once getting a scholarship, one time falling in love, one time failing the subject, let's try once to collect a block, certificate of merit, and award.

    Students inspire learning
    Motto: ‘The grade is not sure but studying with me is the happiest’.
    Identification: Hard-working, energetic, sharing, ‘rich’ knowledge
    Description: Students in Information Technology, Business Administration, Language majors. With a passion for research and learning, they spread that positive spirit to a large number of students at FPT University Danang in the past year.

    Diligent student
    Motto: "Smart industriousness"
    Identification characteristics: Diligence, hard work, tolerance (class), hard work
    Description: Full school without any slots, this student deserves to be a good example for FPT toads to follow. Do not because it rains, it is sunny, the garage is out of space, the road is far, you can walk hard and miss school!

    A talented leader
    Motto: ‘Leadership cum shot’
    Identifying characteristics: Aggressive on the outside, weak inside, knowledgeable in human governance, skillful
    Description: Students of the Board of Directors of Clubs, the Class of Staffing Board. This is the leader of a team / group, although small in scale, but has ‘martial’.

    Student activities ‘Literature - Fitness-America’
    Motto: ‘My family has worked as assistant class for three generations in Literature - Fitness - America. I was the first life '
    Identification: Tai does not wait for age, enthusiasm, and beauty
    Description: Here are students present, even sweeping across all the playgrounds, competitions, and tournaments of FUDA. Celebrity, KOL, brand face, ... are names that FPT toad favors for this student.

    Students make a quiet contribution to inspiration
    Identification: Not available
    Description: This student thought not to participate much but actually participated in many utopia. Participating in taking care on the 'spiritual front', nurturing the spiritual life of the community of Toad Da Thanh.
    Motto: "Youth is like a cup of tea - whispering to Toad is also love"

    ‘Golden hands’ in school
    Motto: ‘My hands make everything - School money becomes mine. '
    Identification: Continuous going in and out of departments / divisions and meeting with staff to sign payments
    Description: Students of FPT University and also a 'provider' of services for activities and events of FPT University. It is not a joke, but many times, the amount the school pays to students is more than the amount of the school fees that students pay to the school

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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