Not only stopping at doing a project well, successfully conquering the 9th term - Graduation Thesis, students of Graphic Design - FPT University also made a strong impression on the community with quality products.
    These are "one of a kind" sci-fi movies, unique brand awareness publications, and 2D - 3D animated movies with profound human significance.

    Concerned about an impressive and highly applicable project, a group of students Vu Xuan Hoa, Vo Hoang Ty, and Tran Bao My - Graphic Design Major - FPT University Ho Chi Minh have chosen the topic "Air Pollution" and presented it as a 3D short film.

    "Second Chance" is a sci-fi film about the future world, from an Apocalypse view. The two scientists Neils and Melisa have performed an experiment to create two artificial babies, they will also fly out into space to wait for the earth to recover and then return to rebuild civilization. But unexpected accidents happened ...
    This is a story about the consequences of human first mistake, if we do well the first time we will not need the second chance. The film opens up an apocalyptic perspective but filled with hope for a new opportunity for people. Thereby, advising people to join hands to protect the environment that we are having now so that people will not need a second chance.


    According to Vo Hoang Ty: “When it comes to technical solutions, pipeline and workflow are relatively optimal and follow the industry standards of 3D CGI/VFX. In addition, to approach the in-depth skills and understanding of standard software to achieve high-quality 3D graphics, we were able to handle complex requirements in a short time at a low cost and applying open-source platforms, procedural processes, artificial intelligence. That helped us build the scene, natural environment, characters, realistic objects in the film ”.

    Sharing the passion for 3D, Nguyen Quang Uy - Tran Tan Minh Duy - students of Graphic Design - FPT University has planned to make a short film on the topic of science fiction, the story is about 3 people are Paimon, Oma and Ami. The goal of the project is to get rid of the "humanity" limit in robot films or games but focus on their own story, the way artificial intelligence thing behaves if it falls into the circumstance that is not preprogrammed.

    Sharing more, Kiet said the group's Graduation project - "Guilt-line" is a VR technology experience based on a true story about a male student who is addicted to online games, assaulting a friend so that he must be hospitalized. After that, this male student was the victim of "cyberbullying" when he was heavily criticized by netizens. That leads to male students gradually becoming depressed, obsessed and unable to face society anymore. In the end, this male student chose to commit suicide, ending his life.
    The group uses a quite special transport facility in terms of the appearance and technology of the product. Accordingly, the project of the "keyboard hero" problem and its implications of the Guilt-line team is implemented in the form of VR (Virtual Reality). This must make a difference to this project compared to the short 2D or 3D movies in the Vietnamese Graphics market today.


    Source: FPT University Ho Chi Minh

    Thao Hanh - Yen Chi

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