Close friends in the rap MV Quality of the FPT University

    As a K16 student at FPT University Da Nang, Duy Bao - Quoc Khanh, a couple of best friends together performed the rap music video "Quality FPT University". The rap product composed and performed by FPT University Danang students will officially be released at 20:00 on February 4, 2021.

    Let's meet and listen to close friends Duy Bao - Quoc Khanh to share about the MV Rap "Quality FPT University".

    Hi Duy Bao and Quoc Khanh, can you introduce yourself a little bit?

    - Duy Bao: My name is Ho Dang Duy Bao, and I'm studying International Business. I enjoy sports, playing games and meeting friends.

    - Quoc Khanh: My name is Le Quoc Khanh and I am studying Software Engineering at FPT University in Danang. I like to draw even though I don't draw well, I like to listen to soft and gentle music.

    With the rap product "The quality of FPT University" coming out, what do you want to convey?

    - Duy Bao: Through this product I want to share with everyone about my own passion. Live worthy of your youth by developing your own passions and talents. Revealing that, FPT University also has many talented young faces waiting for the opportunity to shine.

    Quoc Khanh: I've never written music on this topic before so I'm a bit worried about my abilities. But when I put my hand to write, everything is not as I thought before. Every time I do any song, I always want that the sentences are tight and valuable. This product is no exception, please support the upcoming MV!

    During the performance of the MV, what was the memory that you felt most interesting to?

    - Duy Bao: Everyone in the crew is very cute, we support us enthusiastically. I remember the breaks, the brothers dancing together on all kinds of music. And also the incidents during the filming in the art room, when the paint color got stuck to the costume (laughs).

    - Quoc Khanh: My MV album was very cute and serious, so there was no difficulty during filming. The biggest problem is probably my acting. But it was also partly alleviated because Hung had helped. Big respect for him!

    It is known that the two of you are best friends since childhood, perhaps more than 12 years now. What do you guys want to share about this friendship?

    - Duy Bao: We are classmates from primary to high school, high school, and high school, then we go to the same school. In 9th grade, we had the opportunity to interact with rap music, practice writing music and share demos with each other. The two of us, each have a different approach, so the two have their own development directions.

    - Quoc Khanh: Talking about Bao, we have a relationship from elementary school until going to college, it must be fate. Music can connect, is also what keeps the friendship between me and Bao. Actually, I'm close, so it's really embarrassing to talk about each other (laugh).

    What is the chance that the two of you choose FPT University Da Nang as a place to study?

    - Duy Bao: Because I know there is a very positive learning environment here, I can develop my English skills and my passion for business. In particular, FPT University always respects, supports and creates a development environment for talented students.

    - Quoc Khanh: FPT University is a well-known school with a strong reputation in Information Technology. I think the two predestined words, but we didn't discuss it first about going to school. Honestly, we have been doing music together for a long time, but for the first time we got the chance to stand on the same stage, doing the same product.

    What are your plans in the coming time at FPT University Da Nang?

    - Duy Bao: In the future, I will still study well so that I can pass all the subjects and win the Golden Bow if possible.

    Quoc Khanh: I try to study well and after birth I work to earn money and… invest in music.

    So for the rap segment, do Bao and Khanh want to develop in this field? And what are the ideas in new products?

    - Duy Bao: We and Khanh always have long-established plans to develop in this field. It would be too good to have the help of the school. Our products will bring freedom, street, more disturbance, more suitable for our youth.

    - Quoc Khanh: As for the rap segment, I really do not dream of growing, and then making a lot of money from here. I think rapping is like a passion, like a friend that I confide in with tunes. But if there is a chance to thrive, I will definitely not ignore it.

    In my notes currently there are many songs with many different topics. This is a secret, everyone waiting together!

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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