"Choosing the right career - The key to successfull"

    Recently, FPT University Hanoi has cooperated with Nguyen Sieu School to organize a career counseling program for all grade 12 students of Nguyen Sieu School.

    Special speaker of the Talkshow is Dr. Nguyen Le Minh - Former Deputy Director, Deputy Head of the National Program for Employment Affairs, Head of the Viet Nam Labor Subcommittee in ASEAN; who has many years of experience in career counseling.

    Through Talkshow, Dr. Nguyen Le Minh has shared a lot of useful information for students who are confusing about their future career orientation.

    Hopefully, FPT University Hanoi and Nguyen Sieu School will combine to organize more useful and quality events in the future.

    Source: FPT University HN

    Thao Hanh - Yen Chi

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