Cheering for FPT student at the final "Your Face Sounds Familiar"

    Thai Son Beatbox is an alumnus of FPT University and joined the Department of Culture - FPT Corporation. In 2017, Son was in the Top 13 FPT Under 35 season for the second poll. Currently, he has remarkable achievements such as: Champion of Omo's Got Talent, top 8 World Loopstation (Grand Beatbox 2018), Music Talent 2011 gold medal,...

    In addition to the recognized beatbox talent, Thai Son is also very good at faking the voices of famous singers.

    At "Your Face Sounds Familiar 2020" is the first time Thai Son Beatbox has become a permanent member in a television game show. Before that, the former FPT alumnus appeared many times in various gameshow such as Hidden Singer, The Remix, Sao Mai Meeting Point, Hidden Singer, Just the Two of Us, Vietnam's Got Talent ... and received the love of the audience.

    In the program "Your Face Sounds Familiar 2020", Thai Son received a lot of love from the judges and the audience when he was an excellent incarnation, continuously scored high and ranked 1st / Second of the week.

    Let's cheer for Thai Son to become the champion of Your Face Sounds Familiar 2020 at the Finals at 9 pm today February 6, 2021 on VTV3!


    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University)

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