Celebrate with Open day - One day as FPT students

    To reschedule, the event "Open Day - One day a student" exclusively for high school students will take place at FPT University Hanoi on January 28.

    Open Day is one of the exciting activities at FPT University Hanoi for high school students. Coming to Open Day, you will experience the feeling of becoming a real student through interesting activities such as interacting with FPT University clubs, participating in the experience class: Vo Vovinam class, Musical instrument class. Race, Soft Skills class ...

    The program had the participation of nearly 800 students from 10 schools: Quoc Oai High School, Hoai Duc A High School, Phuc Tho High School, Ba Vi High School, Cao Ba Quat High School - Quoc Oai, Nguyen Gia Thieu High School, Tung Thien High School , Phung Khac Khoan -Thach That High School, Thach That High School and Hai Ba Trung -Thach That High School.

    In addition, on this occasion, at FPT University, Hanoi, there will be a folk New Year event with the theme "Tet Vi". Besides the main activities of "Open Day", the students will be immersed in the Lunar New Year atmosphere through folk games, banh chung - wish wishes, New Year's Eve, New Year red packets. hand, God of fortune knocks on the door, ... "Vi Tet" is a round-trip ticket that will bring you back to the familiar and simple New Year memories that you wish to return.

    “Open Day - One day FPT Student” will take place on January 28 at FPT University Hanoi.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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