Located at 600, Nguyen Van Cu (extended), An Binh ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, FPT University Can Tho has become an international learning space right in the Mekong Delta that can accommodate the learning needs of more than 5000 students.

    Designed by a famous French architectural company.

    FPT University Can Tho Library is the place to store books, of which more than 90% of books are imported directly from famous publishers in the world.

    It is the first school to equip the LAB Room with 20 "Apples" IMAC big screen with a total value of more than 1 billion VND, to serve students majoring in Graphic Design.

    In 2019, Hovilo Hotel was born with the mission of becoming a practice place after theoretical lessons for students majoring in Hotel Management.
    Modern AI & IoT room of Information Technology students, where great ideas are born.

    As the first university in the region to own a standard 11-person football field, the field can be divided into 2 courts for 7 people and 4 courts for 5 people.

    Coming to a new environment, many new students will feel confused and strange. Don't worry because the FPT Can Tho University dormitory will become the second home for you to share the memories during 4 years of university with friends in the same major, the same school and the general starting point.

    Choosing to stay in the dormitory, freshmen will be free to use the excellent facilities and modern equipment to meet the living needs of each individual:
    - The dormitory is located separately, quiet and safe.
    - Each block includes 6 rooms (2 rooms with 8 seats and 4 rooms with 6 seats) with 3 living floors:
       + Ground floor: kitchen area with refrigerator, dining table, hand sink, kitchen shelf; Living room with sofa, TV, shoe shelf and 01 toilet
      + 1st and 2nd floor: Student bedrooms (Each floor includes 3 rooms - 2 rooms with 6 seats and 1 room with 8 seats) with beds, mattress, pillow, wardrobe; and 02 shared toilets.
       + Rooftop: Drying yard, view of the green meadow
       + Wifi connection.