Businesses respond to the Job Fair Online

    In order to create job opportunities, shorten the gap between employers and candidates, and be an effective recruitment solution in the current context, the Job Fair Online for businesses officially started from December 7-10, 2020, the event will take place on the website:

    The event FPTU Virtual Career 2020 - “Make connections to your future” coordinated by FPT University and businesses will provide solutions for the graduating students who are looking for a job. Besides, the event also had the participation and companionship of nearly 100 reputable enterprises to recruit.

    From the perspective of Enterprises, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Lan (Nguyen Lan), Experienced Building Experts for Enterprises, affirmed that Job Fair Online is the trend of the future, helping businesses optimize many resources, saving costs and time. Online recruitment and multidimensional interaction on digital platforms will help Enterprises and Students have many interesting and affective experiences, especially when the pandemic is still happening. FPT University is also a pioneer in applying technology in recruitment, it attracts a lot of businesses to participate and employers are very satisfied with the actual quality of FPT students. According to the survey, there are more than 98% of FPT University graduates have jobs and their average income is mainly between 10 and 20 million VND.

    Mrs. Lan Nguyen - Experienced Building Expert for Business

    At the Job Fair online event, all processes are performed and completed on the website. Candidates will log in to their accounts, visit virtual stores, and have the opportunity to ask and answer online with employers at those booths. Through job descriptions at virtual booths, students can submit applications online to suitable positions. After receiving the CV of the student, the recruiter will schedule interviews with potential candidates. With the "face-to-face" online interviews, passing the exchanged contents, students have a ticket to enter the business to work.

    In addition, students are also allowed to participate in capacity and personality tests online to know which jobs are suitable for them. Certainly, the tests bring surprises to help students discover more interesting things about themselves.

    FPT students exciting to experience the online recruitment form

    Along with the Online Recruitment event on the website is a series of talkshow from famous speakers from Google, Facebook, Unilever, Oracle, TopCV, IEG, GPA. Each one will invite a famous speaker to inspire careers and outline a future path for each potential candidate. They will tell their own stories and share their work experience. Thereby, the students and candidates will have a clearer and panoramic view of the career world they want to pursue.

    FPTU Virtual Career Fair 2020 - "Connection to your future" is a new and attractive online recruitment event for all students. Register to attend and submit a lovely CV to "promote" your own brand to the ideal employer now.

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    Van Anh - Yen Chi

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