Brilliant youthfulness with Kpop dances

    After more than 1 year of operation, Blazie Dance Team is like a new wind bringing youth, enthusiasm and spreading the Kpop wave to FPT University students in Hanoi.

    If you are wondering what "Blazie" is? Then the name is derived from "blaze" with the message of the blue flame, the hottest fire, the hottest fire like the enthusiasm of youth with dance steps in the sunny and windy HOLA.

    Initial construction and development journey

    Officially established on October 5, 2019, it has been more than a year that FPT Blazie Dance Team has come into operation and launched young, creative, "quality" projects of FPT University Ha Noi students. Cabinet.

    Known as a Cover Kpop dance group, a gathering place for friends who love to dance, love music in the country of Kim Chi, Blazie currently has 8 members including beautiful boys and girls with a new trainee lineup, not only promising a The future shines outstandingly but also contributes to the truth - goodness - beauty of FPT university's image.

    With just over a year of debut, Blazie has also contributed to a lot of events inside and outside the school. The most memorable ones include: Loving Spring FTIC 2019, Festival Tet 2020 at FPT University Hanoi, Honoring Ceremony Fall 2019 - Spring 2020, FPT EDU Biz Talent 2020, Commencement Ceremony 2020, Offline ICM DEFI Vietnam 2020, F-Camp 2020, ...

    Journey to bring Kpop fire to FPT University

    In the beginning, the biggest concern and wish of Blazie was how to bring a part of Korean culture to the students in the most genuine and lively way.

    Since being a “new mat” of FPT, Leader Nguyen Bich Ngoc (Bonou Ph) wanted very much to join a dance cover KPOP dance group, but at that time there was no such dance group. It is also a charm when she meets friends who both like to dance and like KPOP, and together you motivate to build a new dance group at the school and pursue this music genre.

    "Later, after receiving good signals from the FU" audience "about the style that the group pursues, I and my team members cherished my plans to create a more professional Blazie."

    If you are a student of FPT university, surely you cannot miss an influential event called “FPTU Kpop Random Dance”. Although newly launched and deployed by Blazie in 2019, this activity has been enthusiastically responded by FPT-ers, because this is both a place to ignite the Kpop flame and a playground for young people to unleash. show off their dancing skills, build up and unite a strong and united team.

    It can be said that eye-catching trendy dances and music from the Kpop industry are increasingly storming the young people is the most effective way for students to feel, thereby contributing contribute to the sustainable development of cultural diversity at FPT University Hanoi - an ideal environment for youth, dynamic and burning youth.

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Ha Noi)

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