Ambiguous admission ads make it easy to choose the wrong school and career

    1 / Parents and candidates need to learn to distinguish majors and majors.

    Talking about the fact that many schools name the old industry with beautiful words to attract candidates, many experts believe that in fact it is the story of "new bottles, old wine" but the majority of parents and contestants cannot distinguish. . Around this issue, the reporter of Journalism and Public opinion had an interview with Dr. Le Truong Tung - Chairman of FPT University Council.
    According to Mr. Tung: "Enrollment is like selling goods, sometimes the words do not fully show the contents and careers they will learn".

    Analyzing further, Mr. Le Truong Tung said that Candidates, Parents need to understand clearly what is called majors or majors. Major means that the later graduation will be recorded in the diploma. And majors only study a few credits.
    The industry is not autonomous schools, but is included in the national sector code list (this is for monitoring and for statistical work). If you do not know the nature, you will choose wrong.

    Currently, every year, schools that want to recruit students must meet the State's conditions for qualifications, number of lecturers, and facilities.

    “Open industry cannot be joking. The business administration industry is there, but in theory there will be no real estate business administration. Real estate business administration is just a specialty. Therefore, only the bachelor degree in business administration is recorded in the diploma. The name of real estate is very "hot", so schools often emphasize in enrollment information to entice learners. Currently, Parents and Candidates cannot distinguish between majors and majors. If not careful, it will create the illusion of a new branch "- Mr. Le Truong Tung emphasized.

    Mr. Tung gave an example: “Like English major, people think of journalism English major. Heard from the press, it was magnificent, but until the degree was granted, it was a bachelor's degree in English. In order to avoid confusion, Parents and Candidates are very sober, need to learn carefully, so consult many channels to know exactly whether the industry they will study is as advertised or not ".

    Usually narrow majors are only studied in the final years and only have a few different subjects. While the enrollment of many schools emphasizes narrow majors, reinforcing the field with many very called "hot" names, so the students who are not careful when they graduate, receive a degree that is not what they originally imagined.

    Many people think "artificial intelligence" is a new industry, but in fact this is a major of the information technology industry. Immediately when studying will learn information technology but go deep into the field of artificial intelligence. Bachelor degree does not record artificial intelligence engineer but information technology engineer. Parents, Candidates must understand exactly like that.

    Therefore, according to Mr. Le Truong Tung, to avoid misunderstanding Candidates, parents should check the industry code in enrollment. When checking the enrollment code, the student will know exactly which major he is studying. Candidates, Parents must be alert to check and avoid misunderstandings.

    “The industry code is the country code, the schools don't have to think about what they want. Look up on the internet to know if the names and codes of the industry match or not "- Mr. Le Truong Tung shared.

    2 / Should choose a career according to learning goals.

    Before entering university, many young people often choose careers according to their tastes and trends. When they realized their choices were wrong, many people had to drop out of school in the middle.

    There used to be many young people who chose a medical profession simply because that job had a high entrance score, and passing into medical school would be more majestic. Therefore, choosing a career always requires an unwise calculation.

    Mr. Le Truong Tung advised the candidates who choose a major must first know their learning goals. Study to be a researcher or just study to work in certain professions.

    Universities also often have a clear research or career orientation. When determining the learning goals, they will choose the school and the industry.

    3 / Choosing a university is the environment to experience life.

    According to Mr. Le Truong Tung, the value that universities bring beyond training must create an environment for students to experience life. A field of study has many training schools, but the school that students experience the most to have the opportunity to practice, personal experience should choose.

    Also related to the story of choosing a career, Mr. Chu Luong Luan - Faculty of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Environmental Engineering said that occupations are related to health, necessities, sustainable development, the environment. ... period matters.

    In addition, during the 4.0 revolution, the foundation will be information technology, biotechnology, digital technology, so candidates should choose. Or professions related to vaccine production, medicine, cancer treatment, infectiousness ... would also be a good choice.

    Through discussions with experts, it can be seen that choosing a major should not be based on emotion, fashion, but should be based on knowledge of the profession that you want to study. Find out and consult experienced people to make wise choices.

    Phuong Anh (Source: Journalist & Public opinion)

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