Amazon architect from FPT University

    Nguyen Huynh Hoai My is one of the first course students to study software engineering at FPT University Danang. She has had a determined journey to become a solution architect at Amazon International Technology Group.

    After the internship in the third year of University, My officially became a full-time programmer at FPT Software Co., Ltd. though not graduated. After only about half a year, with her knowledge, experience working with foreign clients and her English ability, My was sent to Dallas, Texas (USA) to work directly with client, the RamQuest Company (specializing in providing software solutions), as an employee of the client company.

    The first time away from home, the period of 6 months in the US has made the 21-year-old engineer widen her horizons about herself and her work. “At first, I thought working abroad was a distant thing, but when working with RamQuest's team, I understand that both sides are programmers, both have their advantages and disadvantages, efficiency at work. When I do my job well, keep a professional style, I will easily integrate. At this time, my English - especially my specialized English, has also been improved a lot”, My said.

    As a software engineer, My soon has built her career direction of becoming a solution architect. She taught herself more about cloud computing; By 2016, My became one of the very few Vietnamese first to receive the Amazon Web Service Professional certification (a certificate that assesses cloud computing expertise at the level of "Professional" issued by Amazon) She is also the first female programmer of FPT Software Da Nang to receive this certificate.

    As a solution architect of FPT Software, My started to travel to the US to conquer many projects for the company. Talking about a memorable memory from this period, she said: “In 2017, I was sent to work with DigiKey Company - one of the five leading electronic components retailers in North America, based in Minnesota. DigiKey's internal communication system at that time was very large but was quite old and overloaded, and needed to be completely redone within 6 months. This is the first time FPT Software has worked with this client. There is also an American company and an Indian company participating in the bidding. The day the leaders of DigiKey Company met with the contractor, they proposed a system conversion problem for all three to solve. FPT Software's team (including My and another programmer) went to work, finally giving the fastest and most impressive results. When we got the winning results, we were very happy and surprised because at first I thought it would be very difficult to win the US and India companies. That victory paved the way for more projects between FPT Software and DigiKey.

    In 2018, My worked while studying for a master's degree in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia, USA). A few months before graduation, My was invited by Amazon Web Services Vietnam (part of Amazon Group) to apply for the position of solution architect. At that time, she was in the US, so the interview process had to be divided into several sessions, lasting for 2 months. "I was allowed to review my files," My said. testing professional skills, working style… The most important factor is the knowledge base and communication skills ”. After becoming an official employee, My focused on supporting small companies and startups in Vietnam to develop systems on Amazon Web Services platform - today's leading global cloud computing platform. .

    My working history at FPT Software and at Amazon Web Services has helped her experience and progress at work as well as her personal changes, My shared. At FPT Software, My realizes that with skills, knowledge and foreign languages, working with customers from developed countries is entirely possible. FPT Software helps My build the foundation skills for the job of a software engineer and solution architect, while Amazon Web Services helps her expand communication and personal development. While working at Amazon Web Services, My has many opportunities to meet industry leading experts. Employees here, anywhere in the world, are openly informed and ready to help each other. Thanks to that, My’s vision widens and she understands that the world of technology is almost unlimited.

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Da Nang)


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