South Korea is the third most developed country in Asia and ranked 13th in the world. According to Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)’s statistics, the amount of investment capital from Korea to Vietnam was ranked fourth. Vietnam and South Korea also considered each other as one of the most important partners in Southeast Asia. Currently, more than 2,800 large corporations of Korea are present in Vietnam with huge investments. The arrival of Korean companies has led to an increasing demand for highly qualified manpower who can speak Korean in Vietnam.

    More and more large South Korean enterprises now have branches in Vietnam such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Happy Cook... Till October 2018, South Korea ranked first among 128 countries and territories to have valid investment projects in Vietnam with 7,323 projects under total registered capital of 62.1 billion USD (accounting for 18.3% of total investment capital). The greater the potential for cooperation between the two countries, the more high-quality human resources in Korean is sought after by businesses with high salaries.



    • Korean translator and interpreter
    • Trading specialist dealing with Korean partners
    • Coordinator, project manager, specialists working for businesses with Korean partners
    • Business assistant Secretary, foreign business affairs assistant in corporations


    Stage 04Narrow major & Graduation project
    (3 semesters)
    Stage 03On the job training (4 - 8 months)
    Stage 02

    Foundation knowledge (5 semesters)

    Stage 01Foundation and integration
    (6 months - 1 years)
    3 - 4 years3 semesters/ year


    • Students study with international copyright books, imported directly from reputable publishers around the world.
    • Students study the second foreign language: English.
    • Right in the first year, students of Korean Language study 1 semester of English abroad
    • Students have 1 semester of specialized training at Hongik university, South Korea.
    • By the third year, students can work for 4 - 8 months at domestic or foreign companies in the internship semester (On the Job Training).
    • In addition to specialized knowledge, students in Korean Language major also cultivate soft skills, communication skills, negotiation, time management, financial management ... through personal development activities.

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