Admiring a dreamy Hoa Lac Campus in the MV "Tinh yeu xanh la" (JuJu)

    What a dreamy HOLA! So fresh and peaceful... Those images perhaps have been kept in the minds of students who close-knit with Hoa Lac long ago. And recently, Hoa Lac Campus of FPTU Hanoi has appeared in the MV "Tinh yeu xanh la" by Thinh Suy.

    FPT University Hanoi Campus in Hoa Lac has become the context in the MV "Tình yeu xanh la" by Thinh Suy. The MV "Tinh yeu xanh la" is inspired by a true love story of a couple, the lyrics of the song are a journey to retell their memories in love. Right after the MV was released, the production crew also public a set of photos behind the scenes and the making process of the MV in Hoa Lac.

    The scene on the 7th floor of Alpha building, FPT University Hanoi Campus

    The crew also recorded the making process in the Behind-the-scenes album

    The Basketball Court at Campus FPT University Hanoi

    Source: Thinh Suy Music

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