Admire the bold Vietnamese art space

    n order to create a cultural - art space for the New Year and create conditions for staff and students to exchange and study, from February 2 to February 5, 2021 at Penrose Hall, Gamma Building, FPT University Danang, an exhibition of paintings with the theme "XUAN TAN US," will officially take place. It will display the paintings of teachers and students in Digital Art Design.
    The exhibition "Xuan Tan Suu" of FPT University Danang has attracted great attention from students, art lovers inside and outside the school to enjoy.   

    In the atmosphere near Tet, the event attracted great attention from FPT students. Although being held for the first time, the exhibition is considered to have been successful both professionally and academically. 

    The exhibition aims to create a cultural - art space, is a good opportunity for staff and students to exchange and study. This is also a playground for FPT students to express their talents, perspectives and creativity, which have their own markings, conveyed through each work. After a long time of implementation, the exhibition has brought to the viewer nearly 50 works, the works revolve around the theme of the buffalo - mascot in 2021, mainly represented by Acrylic paint. 

    Along with the training of digital art (digital art) - using technology mainly on computers, this exhibition wants to bring students to draw by themselves, re-recognizing the core values of traditional art. 

    Mr. Vo Thanh Thien, Head of Digital Art Design Department, evaluated that pictures at the exhibition show students' creativity, passion and artistic qualities: "Composing always requires thinking and creativity. You did a great job. The exhibition has conveyed the right message, helping students to better understand the value of art.

    Phan Ton Quynh Han, a student of the Faculty of Digital Fine Arts, said that this is the first time that she has a complete work, solemnly displayed at the exhibition. Han feels very proud that his childhood "dream" has been fulfilled. She also shared that it took about a week for her first picture.

    Meanwhile, Tran Kiem Khanh Ngoc, K16, also said that under the guidance of the teachers in the department, you have completed the painting after 2 weeks of being awake. Ngoc shared that the composing by hand is very different from the design on the computer. "Harder but no less interesting"

    Organizing the exhibitions is also the orientation of teachers and students in the Digital Art Design sector in the coming time, in order to encourage creativity, from which to apply in lessons. During the translation of Covid, the Organizer also required strict compliance with the school's epidemic prevention regulations and recommendations of the Ministry of Health. 

    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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