Accompanies more than 500 teachers in Career Paths in the Digital era

    On January 24, 2021, more than 500 homeroom teachers and administrators from high schools in the Mekong Delta region participated in the "Career Workshop in a Digital Era - Do Other to Do Better" at FPT University CanTho. The Workshop is organized to guide the vocational teachers for career guidance for high school students in the period of the rapidly developing digital revolution.

    The seminar was honored to welcome Professors - Dr. Huynh Van Son, Mr. Huynh Van Bay - Head of Training Department of FPT Can Tho University, Mr. Tran Thanh Danh - Head of Admissions Department and Staff of FPT Can Tho University, with 500 teachers who are the Board of Directors and homeroom teachers from high schools in Can Tho city and neighboring provinces.

    Opening the program were 2 performances of National Musical Instruments and Vovinam Music Performance from lecturers of the Department of Ethnic Instruments and students of FPT University CanTho. Two performances which are "specialties" of FPT University bring freshness and exciting atmosphere to the whole hall.

    Speaking at the opening of the program, Mr. Tran Thanh Danh - Head of Admissions Department and FPT University staff would like to thank the teachers who took the time to attend the Conference. He also shared about career opportunities, employment trends in the period of industrial revolution 4.0 as well as career guidance for high school students in the new era. In addition, Mr. Danh had an exchange about enrollment information, training majors, enrollment regulations, information on tuition fees, scholarships in 2021 of FPT University Can Tho. Through the teacher's share, the teachers have another perspective on career orientation for students to make the right choices in choosing a career and choosing a school.

    Following the program, Mr. Huynh Huynh Van Bay - Head of Training Department of FPT Can Tho University introduced the formation and development process as well as some outstanding achievements that FPT University Can Tho has achieved. In addition, he also shared about development orientation, facilities and learning environment at FPT Can Tho University with specialties such as learning English from the first year, the internship term for enterprises (OJT). ), foreign semester, personal development program (PDP), job opportunities of FPT University students after graduation, ... Since then, teachers have a more general view of how to train and the highly experiential learning environment of FPT Can Tho University.

    Emphasizing the role of teachers as inspirators to students in choosing careers to succeed, Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Son had a session to share the necessary changes in career guidance of teachers in the period. integer. “For career guidance to be successful, only boldly changing career guidance to achieve the expected success. There is only real investment in career guidance: career guidance methods, career tools, career information to achieve efficiency. This requires the participation of stakeholders, teachers need to invest their time, mind, embrace change and challenges in career guidance from industry market realities, as well as changes in the general education curriculum and in the expectations of students. ”

    In addition, speaker Huynh Van Son also introduced some effective tools to effectively solve career guidance such as career triangle, optimal career selection domain, ability to understand myself, forte, hobbies. , information about the job market and the basic requirements for choosing successful job positions, the ability to conquer jobs.

    Following the sharing of Prof. Dr. Huynh Van Son is the exchange with 2 K13 students studying at FPT Can Tho University, Nguyen Thuy Duong - K13 student majoring in International Business and Le Nguyen Huu. Tai - K13 student majoring in Software Engineering. The two of you shared their experiences and achievements during the 4 years studying at FPT University Can Tho. Currently, Thuy Duong has just completed her internship at Lotte Mart and is continuing to complete the remaining semesters at the University while Huu Tai is currently working at the Swiss software company Axon Active at attractive salary.

    At the end of the program, there is an Exchange session to answer questions about experiences in orienting their students to make suitable choices in the coming step. In addition, the attending teachers were also able to participate in the lucky draw program sponsored by FPT Shop sponsored Acer laptop. Most of the teachers were satisfied and appreciated the information provided by the Conference. Through the program, teachers get to know more about career guidance as well as the current status of the profession in the current period and development trends in the coming years.


    At the end of the Workshop successfully, the teachers had more useful knowledge for career guidance in the 4.0 period as well as a clearer awareness of the role of teachers' career guidance for the next generation country hybrid. Hopefully, the teachers will continue to be the ones who inspire future generations, helping them to be confident in their career choices of life.


    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University CanTho)


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