Becoming the first university established by a private enterprise, FPT University has overcome many challenges of the formation and development stage, making a mark in the field of Education & Training in Vietnam, as well as being recognized by World Education Ratings.
    To accomplish these achievements, we need to mention the role of founder and executive teams who have together shared their vision of a university that is expected to represent Vietnam appear on an International education map.
    Realizing the founder's vision of “Extend the intelligent border of Vietnam in the globalized world”, FPT University quickly become a standard-bearing pioneer in Vietnam's Higher Education Market.

    Truong Gia Binh - Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of FPT Corporation
    "“FPT University Students are confident, they are willing to ask questions when they don't know. So I want you, the most successful people to have confidence. Please ask more and more."

    Prof. Le Truong Tung - President of University Council
    “The educated philosophy of FPT University is to organize and manage the authority of learners. Students will have to self-study, get their knowledge and skills because they will change rapidly in the 4.0 era. The content you are learning now may not have much effect after 5 or 10 years. Therefore, FPT University students have a culture of self-study right from the moment they enter the school. The University organizes self-study and supervision, then tests and evaluate, not like the previous method, the teachers speak and students just write down, totally depend on teachers. The role of the lecturers will be different, instead of conveying knowledge to guide students to study by themselves".

    Prof. Nguyen Khac Thanh - Principal of FPT University, Hanoi
    "We often repeat a sentence " Step into the world with a sound of monochord in our heart ". FPT University desires students after graduation can work anywhere in the world, but always look towards the nation. You can communicate in English, Japanese,... but there is still a common language is music. It is the fastest path to the heart and helps you to become more confident with your knowledge and wisdom”.


    Prof. Nguyen Kim Anh - Vice Principal of FPT University in charge of academic and R&D
    "You need to learn whatever you do, you even have to learn how to become a good wife. So the more you grow up, the more you need to learn. We cannot do one thing forever, if you want to meet the opportunities in work and life, so you definitely have to learn by yourself".


    Tran Ngoc Tuan - Vice-Principal of FPT University, HCMC
    “FPT University freshman, change your mind from this moment. English is not a subject. It is a "tool" for you to communicate and acquire knowledge in the new era. The OJT term is not only an internship but also a learning and working semester at the enterprise. With a tectonic learning environment, we learn to do the things that we desire. In the expectation of FPT Corporation and FPT University, you can make your own business".


    Nguyen Xuan Phong - Principal of FPT University Can Tho
    "Just study enough!" Life has many things to learn so don't just focus on studying at school. College is not just about going to the class, you need to be brave to experience, go outside, get lost, and find a way out. Don't be afraid to make mistake. Youth is dared to be wrong and dare to correct. Take a journey to know how wonderful life out there is and finding a direction for your life. Live your life with all your heart! "