9 reasons villagers should not miss the Xuan Young Buffalo Toad Association 2021

    Let's explore the same reasons

    1. Villagers will be able to return to the traditional Tet atmosphere in the heart of FPT University in Da Nang.
    2. All villagers will admire the one-of-a-kind royal display, the unique performances from the writers - artists - artists of village FPT.
    3. THE STUDENT FIGHTING battle with rewards of up to VND10 MILLION waving to the classes
    4. The villagers will experience the game stalls owned by clubs
    5. Food stalls, dishes presented by clubs themselves will make "please come, please customers".
    6. Super big ball ball will also appear in this village guild.
    7. The genuine check-in areas, the "deputy flashes" are ready to wait for you.
    8. This will be the place to honor TOP 9 inspiring students.
    9. And finally, the villagers will be "TAKEN HARD UP - PLAY TO MY LIFE" at the 2021 Toad Festival.

     Note: The villagers spend their youth to experience, the organizers spend their youth on the program. We spend our youth together without thinking. Joining is destiny, not participating is not allowed. Wherever you go in the future, don't forget that we spent all of our best days together.
    The village festival will officially take place on February 1, let's spend this day together! Trade villagers

    Phương Anh (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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