9 inspiring students 2020, who they are?

    At The ceremony to honor the top 9 inspiring students in 2020, FPT University Danang recognizes and honors students with high achievements in studying and working in Culture- Sport - Art, who are talented leaders, participating in many competitions, big and small, or your silent contribution,... They are the positive energy sources and bring values to the student community of FPT University Danang.

    With the dedication to learning, practicing and experiencing, the top 9 inspirational students in 2020 have been recognized and honored by FPT University Danang. Let's see who they are.

    Luong Nguyen Nhat Quang: Student who are inspired to study Information Technology

    The Golden Toad of the Summer 2020 period made a mark in this category not only because of the spirit of enthusiastic learning but also diligently participating in movement activities, including academic competitions or the project Brother & Sister. Sisters 2020. Nhat Quang is favored by FPT students as "learning motivation" of many people.

    Nguyen Thi Hong Loan: Student who are inspired to study Business Administration major

    This petite girl from Quang Binh always surprises her friends because of her scientific learning methods. Hong Loan makes an effort to accumulate a lot of knowledge, cleverly arranging time for herself and extracurricular activities or hone more skills for herself. Besides studying, Loan is also an active member of TIA National Instrument Club and started in 2021 as Head of the NYS Art Club.

    Nguyen Thi Ha Thuong: Inspired student to study Language major

    Loved by her friends with the nickname "big sister", Ha Thuong was inspired by her enthusiasm to her friends, especially the students of the Language Department. For this character, learning a new language is learning a new culture. Ha Thuong regularly shares his knowledge closely. Since then, the classes at FPT University's lecture halls have also become more exciting with the participation of Ha Thuong.

    Pham Ngoc Ai Lien: Student of Culture - Sport- Art activities

    Ai Lien is always an indispensable face in movement activities. 2020 is the year this girl spreads many positive values through becoming a member of the project Brothers & Sisters as well as at the position of head of the logistics department of EVo Events Club. Opening 2021 with a new challenge as Vice President of Dever Club. We hope that our Ai Lien will continue to inspire every day the student community of FPT University Danang.

    Nguyen Ha Khue: "A talented leader"

    Enthusiastic, energetic & serious are adjectives that friends & people often use to describe Ha Khue. Show off your leadership skills right from the first few days of intensive training as a company leader. So far, Khue continues to be trusted by friends as the class representative of SE1501 and most recently, Khue has become the leader of EVo Event Club.

    Nguyen Thi Diem Phuc: "Golden hand" in the school digging village

    Always bringing energy to everyone with a sunny smile, Diem Phuc is one of the representative faces of FPT University Danang, appearing on most of the school's advertising publications. Besides, Phuc is also an active member in enrollment activities, large and small events at the school.

    Nguyen Van Thuan: A diligent student

    In 2020, with many changes, more than half of the slot must apply the form of online learning, but Van Thuan chooses to learn how to adapt to the environment instead of struggling with changes. This is evidenced by the fact that Van Thuan did not miss any slots this year. A feat that requires discipline, perseverance every day, no one can deserve this title more than our boy.

    Le Thi Thu Hien: Student make a quiet contribution

    Not big, ostentatious, but the knowledge, sharing or sharing of Thu Hien is a source of positive energy to bring to those around. Diligent in learning and movement activities, Hien is also very active in speaking contests, creative startups inside and outside the school. She is also the driving force to build the collective EFlame English Club as strong as today.

    Vo Nguyen Dinh Tri - Student left many marks in competitions

    Speaking of Dinh Tri is referring to big and small competitions in school or outside. In 2020, not only participate and achieve high results in many competitions such as: FPT Edu Research Festival, 8 Hours Code Chaser, FPT Edu Hackathon, the program "Young knowledge for education" organized by the Central Youth Union. Tri left his mark as CTV / Mentor at competitions such as "Vietnam Online Hackathon 2020", "Hult Prize". The establishment of the DSC - Developer Students Club at FPT University Danang is also a milestone of the leader Dinh Tri in 2020, promising to explode in IT competitions this year.

    Wish you all in the future to achieve even better results!


    Nhi Nguyen (Source: FPT University Da Nang)

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