9 Exchange Semester in Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Thailand is waiting for FPT University’s students

    Studying abroad is one of the privileges of FPT University’s students. Furthermore, sometimes the overwhelming number of exchange semester made the students confused of what to apply for. Let us review together the upcoming Exchange programs for the toady “denizen” to use as a point reference.

    At this moment, Study Overseas is organizing 9 exchange semesters for the students in the Ho Chi Minh campus in the following universities:

    1. EBS University – Germany, for economic majors.

    As one of the countries with top tier technological advancement, at the same time being culturally rich with world famous food and beverages. The Bundesliga award with extremely high viewers, this country promises to be an amazing exchange experience for our Toads.

    2. Kasem Bundit University – Thailand for information technology majors:

    As you join the exchange semester at Kasem Bundit University (KBU) in Thailand, you will be “gifte” with a return ticket from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok. That means you only need to pay for tuition at FPT University to experience an entirely different education. This is an opportunity for you to explore the exoticness of the capital of the land of million elephants that you never knew about before.

    3. KMUTT University – Thailand for ( ) majors

    KMUTT is one of three largest University in Bangkok – Thailand, currently we have one exchange semester for Information Technology students here and on the next semester, the students of the ( ) majors would also have a chance to study at the institution.

    4. Macquarie University – Australia for economics majors

    As one of the prestigious universities in Australia with top tier international exchange programs, Macquarie have more than 50 000 students and 11 000 of them is international students. On the next semester, FPT University’ students will have two exchange slots at Macquarie University with the same tuition fee.



    5. UTS University – Australia for economic majors.

    UTS University – Australia have 2 exchange slots for economic majors, this is another amazing exchange program in Australia for our Toads. UTS is another prestigious university in Australia, another chance for you to explore the kingdom of Kangaroos.

    6. IMTBS University – France for economic majors

    The students of the economic majors of FPT University eagerly seek for the universities in the classical and dreamy France. This year, it is IMTBS University’s (Institut Mines Télécom Business School) turn to offer the Toads two exchange student slots in the upcoming spring.

    7. Deakin University – Australia – Capstone

    This is an irresistible studying abroad location for Vietnamese students with many international qualifications like Shanghai rankings, QS and Time Higher Education, QS 5 stars, Deakin University promises to be the final destination for the technology majors toads’ student life.



    8. Kanto Gakuin University – Japan for the Information Technology majors

    Located in the Yokohama bay city, capital of the Kanagawa prefecture, Kanto Gakuin University is known as one of the best private universities of Kanagawa in specific and of Japan in general throughout more than 100 years of development. This high-quality school is also where the exchange semester will take place for FPT’s students in the upcoming 2019 Fall semester. Kanto Gakuin University offers 3 exchange slots in the Japanese Language and Culture Program course for our students.

    9. KMUTT University – Thailand for Information Technology majors

    Study Overseas will bring you one exchange semester in KMUTT University – one of three largest universities in Bangkok, Thailand.
    That was 9 quality exchange programs that the International Collaboration department have for FPT University’s students. The registration time is running out so you should register as soon as possible.

    The International Collaboration department still have more exchange programs in the future, keep looking out for further updates in order to not miss any opportunity for yourself.



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