3 special elements to "hunt" the title of the Toad from that boy

    Having never "dreamed" to Coc Vang, but this was the second time he achieved this valuable title, Phung Duc Thang revealed that he has created a perfect plan for himself to balance learning and extra-curricular activities. Let's explore the guy's special secret to "hunt" Toad Vang!

    1 / Club activities are ranked on par with learning in class
    On the evening of January 27, 2020, at the Honoring Ceremony of Students - FPTU Student Awards 2020, the title of Golden Toad in Engineering sector once again called the name of the third-year student Phung Duc Thang. Confessing his feelings when being honored, Duc Thang was touched: “I'm really happy and surprised. The picture of my family was shown on the projection screen, this is what made a deep impression on me. ”

    Duc Thang also shared, his friend felt that he was quite lucky because the last Fall 2020 period, Thang just nearly qualified with a score of 9.0. This unexpected joy both motivates Duc Thang to make more study efforts in the coming years, and also brings great support to his family and the FPTU Debate Club - where Duc Thang is holding the role of head. The friend felt the acknowledgment and interest from FPTU HN and told himself that he will always do his best in both studying and participating in school activities.

    As a student majoring in Information Security, with an extremely logical brain, Phung Duc Thang revealed that he has no difficulty balancing between learning and club activities: “I define that club activities are a major activity, so I put it on par with studying. So, instead of studying 5 subjects, I will consider myself studying 6 subjects ”.

    2 / Self-study and time management skills are extremely important
    According to your friend, in order for the learning to be as effective as possible, the students must equip themselves with self-study skills and time management skills.

    Self-study skills are extremely important to any FPTU student. Because although studying in class, communicating with teachers takes a lot of time, but going home without acquiring knowledge by yourself is also zero. Duc Thang advised FPT-ers to find the core, set the goal of "learning, working", not memorizing "parrots".
    And most importantly, have to give yourself inspiration for learning. With Duc Thang, his friend inspired himself to study by reading his favorite books, such as the Seed of the Soul, to explore philosophies, valuable lessons and great motivation. push yourself to try to learn more.

    Besides, time management skills are also one of the indispensable items on the way to conquer the title of the Golden Bow. “First, make a detailed and specific to-do list. After that, I will do things one by one with a light beginning, and keep my focus on what I do throughout the process. And don't forget, you have to set a deadline for yourself in order not to "delay" the plan from day to day ", Thang revealed.

    3 / Non-stop effort
    On the journey of conquering the precious Golden Toad title, surely the students must make a constant effort and put in a lot of effort to be able to reap the "sweet fruits". Nhu Phung Duc Thang, from a shy guy, always timid in front of a crowd, he bravely "broke the cocoon", molting to adulthood.

    Starting from joining the club to learn from experience, then becoming the chairman of FPTU Debate Club; Thang also strives to win the title of excellent student, excellent student and finally Coc Vang. Maybe Duc Thang never thought he would win that title, but success never ignored those who deserved it.

    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Hanoi)

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