3 notes in the draft 2021 high school graduation exam regulations

    The Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the draft Circular amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Regulation on high school graduation exam. Specifically, there are 3 points to note:

    1. When is a candidate suspended from the examination?
    The draft regulations on suspension of the exam for candidates who violate one of the following errors: have been warned once but during the exam time, the test continues to violate the test regulations at the level of reprimand or warning; bring illegal items as prescribed in Article 14 of this Regulation into the examination room, waiting room and when moving between the examination room and the waiting room.

    In addition, take the test out of the exam room or accept the solution from outside into the exam room; write, draw on your exam paper the content not related to the test; Acts to fight, threaten responsible people in the exam or intimidate other candidates.
    Candidates who do not follow the instructions of the supervisor or lounge manager when moving to the waiting room and while in the waiting room are also in violation of the regulations and will be suspended.

    Examination officer shall make a record, collect exhibits (if any) and report to the test score leader to decide on the form of examination suspension. If the test score leader disagrees, then report to the Head of the Examination Committee for decision.

    Candidates who have been suspended from the examination must submit their exams, exam papers, and draft papers to the examination staff, must leave the examination room immediately after the decision is made and only leave the examination area after 2/3 of the working time. Test your essay or test when time is over.
    It is noteworthy that candidates who have been suspended for the year will have their test results canceled for that year.

    2. Set up the exam room
    In the exam room arrangement, four subjects, including high school graduates, middle school graduates, continuing education candidates and high school grade 12 students, must be arranged in the same room at a number of test points, ensuring that At least 60% of 12th grade high school students are in each exam room. This will help avoid a single test score with only free-candidates making the seriousness not as high as other test scores.


    The Director of the Department of Education and Training will decide to arrange candidates in the examination room at the test points so that at each test score at least 60% of grade 12 students attend the high school education program out of the total number of candidates. In special cases, it is necessary to consult the Ministry of Education and Training. This regulation is intended to prevent the risk of cheating on organized exams in the group of freelance candidates, or candidates for intermediate or continuing education systems.


    3. Reserve points for high school graduation consideration
    Candidates who have taken all the prescribed exams / subjects in the previous year's exam but have not graduated from high school and have not been disciplined to cancel the exam results may reserve the exam scores of the exams or the constituent subjects of the exam. a combination of 5.0 points or more in the exam held in the following year to be considered for high school graduation.

    But the test scores or the scores of the sub-subjects of the composite test are only reserved according to the above provisions if the sub-subjects of the test all reach more than 1.0 points.

    At the test of grading, some of the new scores are tighter for the essay examination. The draft stipulates that the exam councils with 30,000 or more candidates are required to organize at least 10 general exams to agree, avoid the case of loose or tight dots, misunderstanding the marking instructions, not knowing examination process.

    In the draft of this year, the Ministry of Education and Training stipulates that the Head of the examination subject can deploy the general marking according to each examination team or group of examiners. The implementation of the process of 2 independent dots must be located in 2 independent dots.

    Phương Anh (Source: Kenh14)

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