1001 interesting stories when learning online

    Here are interesting stories in the season of FPT toads when they have to take a break from the dear HoLa campus and make friends with Google meet.

    ❤ “The whole class got to see how well we sleep”.
    Hai Anh - K15, a software engineering student from Thai Binh city, had a memorable memory in this online course.
    “It was a chilly Monday morning. Because I studied slot 1, I chose to cover the blanket, turn on my laptop to study ... in bed. However, with my eyes closed, I turned on the camera when I didn't know and continued into my dreams that were still in progress. When I opened my eyes, I saw a lot of messages and missed calls. When I woke up, I found out that the camera was working and my whole 30-minute sleep was seen by the whole class and the teacher. The feeling is both funny and shy, making me extremely confused ”- Hai Anh recalls.

    ❤ Play game, forget to turn off mic
    “For me, studying online is an unforgettable and extremely enjoyable experience. Because we just got acquainted with university life, we didn't even have enough time to know all our friends and teachers, we had to switch to be close friends with Google meet ”- Bui Minh Tai, new student K16 - Digital Marketing shared shall.
    If going to school, the F toads will appear with a neat, neat appearance when entering the classroom. But when studying online, Minh Tai has many times witnessed those students who have not had time to brush their teeth, wash their faces because they got up late, their hair could not be brushed in time, and hurriedly sat down at the study desk. Not only that, but also forgot to turn off the mic and play innocently. "It was a beautiful day like any other day, I was studying attentively when I suddenly heard a very loud shout" in the game, guys ... "from a friend. Both the class and the teacher were startled and the culprit was "shy about people".
    In addition, in order to have an impressive appearance when studying online with his friends, Minh Tai showed his talent in cosplaying into a lovely potato, using "hidden techniques" that made the teacher have a headache thinking about choosing pictures. fine.

    ❤ "Learning online helps me take care of myself better"
    Tran Minh Chau - the first year student at FPT University, but has had 2 consecutive years undergoing "combo" the days of "Tet holiday", accompanied by online study. “I finished my first year, but about a quarter of the time I studied online at home due to the epidemic. Last year, I had the experience of studying online and also taking online exams, so it is not surprising ”.
    However, after enjoying the New Year's Holiday that lasted for nearly a month, her friend got used to the "night owl" life. Fortunately, studying online helped Chau pull himself back to the regular pace of life. She wakes up earlier and has a good breakfast to have the best spirit to prepare for the class.

    ❤ Study abroad through the laptop screen
    Also a K16 rookie, Hoang Hong Nhung is somewhat looking forward to online LUK lessons. “The first year I entered FPT University, I was challenged to go“ study abroad ”in Little UK - miniature UK through the laptop screen”.
    With learning only in English, her learning slots are always interesting and engaging. “You guys fight to talk, fight to speak up. There are times when the network is lagging, but it doesn't affect our always-high learning spirit. However, what worries me the most are the Edmodo exercises that are longer than the waiting time to return to school. In 40 minutes, I had to use all my might to finish 1 reading, 1 listening lesson, and 1 Ted talk. There are times when I am late due to the network lag, I cannot submit my papers in time ”- the real LUKER did not forget to complain.

    ❤ First time experience the subject "Online Photography"
    As an extremely dynamic student in Multimedia, Huong Giang - K15 student has always been looking forward to this term to experience Photography for designer - PFD201. However, life is not like a dream. Having not yet studied, Covid was surrounded. As a result, photography must also be learned online.
    “Heard from Online Photography, I couldn't imagine how I would study this subject. If we study directly at school, we will be able to take pictures at the "genuine" studio, practice posing as a model. However, when studying online, both teachers and students do not know who to take or where to take. For that reason, he let us find models at home, conceptualize ourselves and take pictures with our familiar mobile phone. ”
    And her friend Huong Giang opened her own studio at home, giving birth to "home-grown" products.

    ❤ Helping dad close the wooden cabinets while studying
    Nguyen Minh Hai, a K15 student majoring in International Business, encounters a more ironic situation.
    “That day was the day I had a schedule to study International Finance - a tough subject in International Business major. However, I had to study math and math while helping my father to close the wooden cabinets because there were only two of us at home. The wooden cabinet is as heavy as the mathematical knowledge I'm learning. The sound of the hammer knocking, the sound of drilling mixed with the sound of her lecturing, made my mind fluster and spin. Then the knocking over her voice, I was beaten "absent" in the last red "- Minh Hai said.
    And our friend had to rush to send a "speedy" email with a suitable and reasonable explanation to the instructor, hoping that she would change the color of the text on the class schedule.

    Do not know the other students, do you have any shares or memories you want to share? Please tell us!
    See you next week to the Hola Toads !!!!

    Phuong Anh (Source: FPT University Hanoi)

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